“Remember, they’re only stories…. They’re only stories.”




The Enee Game


Enee is a 2D adventure / fetch quest game that teaches

the Shoshone Language to anyone in the world that wants to learn it.

Enee achieves this by having the main character explore and experience

a world full of Shoshone stories while immersing players in its gameplay.


Title: The Enee Game | Genre: 2D Adventure / Fetch Quest | Platform: Chrome, Firefox | Players: Single Player | Release Date: July, 2013




Zeph Fagergren – Producer / Professor / Web Developer

Devin Gardner – Engineer

Trent Griffith – Artist / Audio Engineer

Cora Burchett – Artist






U News @ The University of Utah



Indian Country Today Media Network



UPR: Utah Public Radio



Salt Lake Magazine



Tulip News



Media Contacts for The Enee Game:


Director of Shoshoni Language Project
Email address: dipaolo@hum.utah.edu


Master’s Student, Entertainment Arts and Engineering
Email address: zfagergren@gmail.com


EAE director, Therapeutic Games and Apps (The Gapp) Lab
Email address: roger.altizer@utah.edu